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  No.8 December 2018.

[Expert Forum]
755Current situation and challenges of T cell receptor-engineered T cells in anti-tumor therapy
CHEN Xiaotong and LIU Baorui
Abstract  PDF

[Basic Research]
762Bridging intergrator-1 inhibits the expression of PD-L1 through c-MYC pathway in non-small cell lung cancerA549 cells
LI Huan1, WANG Mengjie1, ZHANG Xiangyu1, DUAN Yuqing1, JIA Yunlong1, LIU Xinyan2 and LIU Lihua1
Abstract  PDF
767The construction of anti-CD19 chimeric receptor modified NK-92 cells and the killing effect of CD19 positive non-Hodgkin lymphoma cells
JIANG Xin1, ZHU Shuangyue2, ZHENG Haili1 and LIU Bingyu3
Abstract  PDF
772Effect of myeloid-derived suppressor cells on B cell function in mice bearing breast cancer
LIU Mina, WANG Jiana, SUN Qiana, YU Wenwena, WEI Fenga and REN Xiubaoa ,b
Abstract  PDF
778miR-124 regulates autophagy to inhibit invasion and migration of esophageal cancer KYSE170 cells by targeting BECN1
LIU Fei, LIU Sihua, LIU Shina, GU Lina, MENG Lingjiao, YIN Danjing, ZHANG Jiandong, WU Yunyan and SANG Meixiang
Abstract  PDF
Abstract  PDF
791Over-expression of miR-204 suppresses proliferation and invasion of retinoblastoma cells and its possible mechanism
WANG Jianmin1, ZHANG Jiabin1, LIU Jiehui2 and GAO Peng1
Abstract  PDF
797Prognostic prediction value of G9a expression in gastric cancer tissues and its effect on proliferation and apoptosis of gastric cancer cells
LI Houlei1,3, ZHAO Xinhui2,3, LIU Jun3, ZHANG Xiang3, HE Fenfei2, ZHANG Rui3, LI Jipeng2, YANG Angang4 and WU Hong5
Abstract  PDF

[Clinical Research]
803Expression and clinical significance of melanoma antigen A gene family in peripheral blood of esophageal carcinoma patients
GU Linaa, YIN Danjinga, SANG Meixianga,b, LIU Feia, WU Yunyana, LIU Shinab, LI Juana and SHAN Baoena,b
Abstract  PDF
810Effect of immune cells induced and differentiated by umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells on immune function of patients with small cell lung cancer
ZHAO Ruidong, QIU Ying△, YUN Feiyu, ZHOU Erxia, HAN Xia, LIU Bingchun and YUN Sheng
Abstract  PDF
817Correlation between D-loop SNPs of mitochondrial DNA and diffuse large B cell lymphoma
ZHAO Guimin, DIAO Lanping, LIU Lihong, WU Xiaolin, GAO Zhe and GAO Yuhuan
Abstract  PDF

822Roles of IL1R2 in tumorigenesis
Abstract  PDF
830Roles of mTOR signal pathway in bone metastases from cancer
Abstract  PDF
834Research progress on PD-1 / PD-L1 inhibitor-based immunotherapy predictive marker in lung cancer
Abstract  PDF

841Nasopharyngeal carcinoma with paraneoplastic syndrome of nervous system: a report
Abstract  PDF

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