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  No.10 December 2018.

[Expert Forum]
967Immunotherapy for colorectal cancer: current status, challenges and solution
LIU Tianchi, JIAWeiguo, ZHAO Ronghua and CUI Long
Abstract  PDF
979Differences in biological behaviors and clinical treatment between colon and rectal cancers
ZHAO Chengshuai, WANG Lei and WANG Mei
Abstract  PDF

[Basic Research]
987Id1 and Id3 synergistically influence invasion and migration of colon cancer SW620 cells by inducing EMT
CHEN Wei, YU Yue, SUN Yanxia, LIN Wansong and YE Yunbin
Abstract  PDF
994VPApromotesEMTin colon carcinoma cells via nuclear translocation of E-cadherin
JIN Wunan and JI Meiying
Abstract  PDF
999PD-1 antibody enhanced anti-tumor efficacy of oxaliplatin against colon cancer in vitro and in vivo
ZHONG Genshen, SUN Zhiyang, CHEN Yanan, XU Zhishan, YANG Ru, WU Minna, SHI Huan and LU Ping
Abstract  PDF
1006Effects of miR-126-5p on proliferation, migration, invasion and apoptosis of colon cancer SW480 cells via targeting Notch2
WANG Yanliang and CHEN Tao
Abstract  PDF
1013Mechanisms of miR-31-5p inhibiting biological behavior and radiotherapy resistance of breast cancer cells via regulating TNS1
YU Jie, WANG Yang, JIA Yanzhao, YANG Zheng, ZHANG Sen, LIU Hanwen, RAO Shilei and ZHANG Kai
Abstract  PDF
1021Effects of RFX1 over-expression on proliferation and invasion of glioma cells
CHENG Kai, ZHANG Yaping, CAO Li and ZHANG Xiaoyan
Abstract  PDF
1026SPIDR significantly suppressed in tissues of small cell lung cancer promotes NCI-H446 cells proliferation by reducing serum dependence
ZHANG Zezhong, JIA Yulin, QILGER Bao, FANG Yi, LI Chunhui, LI Jianlei, GU Ye, DENG Zixin, ZHANG Haiping and MA Wei
Abstract  PDF
1034High intensity focused ultrasound inhibits the proliferation and migration of pancreatic cancer cells via regulating miR-1297/PTEN axis
CHEN Jian, PEI Feng and XU Zhoumin
Abstract  PDF

[Clinical Research]
1042Expression and clinical significance of lncRNA RP11-259P1.1 in small cell lung cancer tissues
LI Xiaohua, DAI Bin, ZHOU Ting, ZHOU Jing and XIAO Zhenliang
Abstract  PDF
1048Expression of galectin-3 in human breast cancer tissues and its effect on malignant biological behavior of MCF-7 cells
QIU Peng, MA Lizhi, TANG Xiaoxiao, LIU Xiaol, DOU Yan and LIU Yueping
Abstract  PDF
1055Clinical significance of the monocyte-to-lymphocyte ratio in peripheral blood of patients with pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma
DU Weijiao, CAO Yanjiao, ZHANG Weihong, SUN Leina, WEI Feng, LIU Liang and CAO Shui
Abstract  PDF

1060The role of speckle-type POZ protein in the occurrence and development of malignant tumors
HE Yan, ZHANG Shuang and PENG Xingchen
Abstract  PDF
1064The role and mechanism of miR-32 in occurrence and development of malignant tumors
GENG Shilei, WANG Xicai and CHEN Yan
Abstract  PDF
1072The role and mechanism of long non-coding RNA in the occurrence and development of bladder cancer
WANG Xiaofei, WANG Lei and LI Ningchen
Abstract  PDF
1077Rencent progress in research of malignant melanoma treatment with tumor infiltrating lymphocyte
JIA Shasha, FU Qiaofen and SONG Xin
Abstract  PDF

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