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  No.5 December 2018.

[Expert Forum]
441EGFRvⅢ and immunotherapy of glioblastoma multiforme
WU Junchao, LU Di and HAN Shuangyin
Abstract  PDF

[Prompt Report]
447Effect of IL-34 on malignant biological behavior of human acute monocytic leukemia cells
HU Yuting, WANG Lina, WANG Rong, YANG Feifei, WANG Hao, LIU Xiaoli, REN Qian and ZHENG Guoguang
Abstract  PDF

[Basic Research]
455CAR-NK-92MI and CAR-CD19-T cells targeting CD19 antigen exhibit significant in vitro killing activity on mantle cell lymphoma
ZHAO Songbo, HAN Zhichao, AN Gangli, MENG Huimin and YANG Lin
Abstract  PDF
462Killing effect of NK92 cells modified with CD33-CAR on CD33+ acute myeloid leukemia cells
LIU Yanzhong1, PAN Lijuan1, TANG Qulai1, SHI Jiangzhou1, ZHAO Wenjing1, HUO Lihong1, GU Chaojiang2, HU Guang2, LIU Huining2 and ZHANG Tongcun1,2
Abstract  PDF
469Glucose transporter-1 promotes migration of osteosarcoma MG63 cells via the Wnt/β-catenin pathway
HAO Junlong, WANG Yapeng, YANG Kai, QI Jin, WANG Xun and WANG Jing
Abstract  PDF
475Influence of γ-chain (γc) family cytokines on phenotypes of T cells in ex vivo culture
ZHAO Jingjing, LEI Shuting, ZHENG Yan, LI Xiuling and HAN Shuangyin
Abstract  PDF
480Effects of siRNA interfering TWSG1 expression on proliferation and apoptosis of gastric cancer MGC-803 cells
ZENG Jiali1a, YUAN Jingyi1b, SHUAI Chun2 and LIU Yue1c,d
Abstract  PDF
485Mechanism of Xihuang extract in inhibiting proliferation of gastric cancer SGC-7901 cells
TANG Yuan, LIANG Chao and CAI Qingping
Abstract  PDF

[Clinical Research]
490Expression of miR-103a-3p in breast cancer tissues and its suppression on glycolysis and proliferation of breast cancer cells via down-regulating PDK4
ZHANG Yazhena, HE Guishenga, WU Xiaominga, SONG Jiefengb and WU Huangfuaa
Abstract  PDF
497Inhibitory effect of miR-451 on proliferation of hepatic carcinoma HepG2 cells and its prospect in hepatic carcinoma diagnosis and prognosis
XU Pin1, LU Mengxuan1Δ, KANG Kaifu2, ZENG Liuyan1, LI Huahui1, YE Caiguo1 and HE Zhiwei1
Abstract  PDF
503Expression and clinical significance of galectin 3 in bladder cancer tissues and its effect on malignant biological behavior of T24 cells
LUO Lea, LI Qiujiang b, LONG Xingxia c, SHEN Chengyi d, ZHENG Zaiyong b and WEN Aiping e
Abstract  PDF
509Higher preoperative platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio is a poor prognostic marker for the early stage malignant melanoma patients
CAO Yanjiao, ZHANG Weihong, DU Weijiao, WANG Xuemin and CAO Shui
Abstract  PDF
515Efficacy and safety of ramucircumab in treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer:a Meta analysis
MA Xiaoli, CAO Leiyu, WANG Xiao, LIU Juan, ZHANG Qian and ZHANG Li
Abstract  PDF

522Research progress on relationship between tumor chemotherapy and damageassociated molecular patterns
WANG Xiaodong, ZHANG Ju and LIU Wenchao
Abstract  PDF
528Circular RNA:a new target of gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis and treatment
LI Jinying, SHI Ying and HUANG Wei
Abstract  PDF
533Roles of protein arginine methyltransferase 5 in cancer and its clinical application
SUN Guozhuang, MAO Haiyan and KONG Guimei
Abstract  PDF
539Research progress of markers of neuroendocrine origin in small cell lung cancer
WANG Xinyi, LIU Dan and HU Wei
Abstract  PDF

543A case of trastuzumab for rare allergic reaction and literature review
HU Kang, SUN Shuhong, CHENG Xiaoming and YANG Weiming
Abstract  PDF

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