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  No.2 December 2018.

[Expert Forum]
109Advances in research of peripheral blood miRNAs in early diagnosis of tumors
LIU Honglu and WANG Xicai
Abstract  PDF

[Prompt Report]
118miR- 92b suppresses growth and invasion of esophageal cancer Eca109 cells by regulating EZH2 gene expression
LIU Fei, MENG Lingjiao, LIU Shina, GU Lina, LI Juan, ZHANG Jiandong, WU Yunyan and SANG Meixiang
Abstract  PDF

[Basic Research]
125Effects of formyl peptide receptor 1 antagonist Boc2 on malignant biological behaviors of human lung adenocarcinoma cells under hypoxia conditions
HUANG Bo, DING Jie and GUO Hongrong
Abstract  PDF
132Construction of recombinant plasmids Egr1- XPO4 and its synergic inhibition with 5-FU against hepatocarcinoma SK-Hep1 cells
WU Nan, HUANG Jing, CHEN Yang, LIU Kan, LIU Hao and WANG Xiaomei
Abstract  PDF
137Effect of curcumin on angiogenesis of rats with DEN-induced hepatocellular carcinoma under hypoxia
YANG Chuanyu, ZENG Rongyao, LIU Rongliang, WANG Xiaowen, KE Enming and LIU Jing
Abstract  PDF
142IL-18 over-expression inhibits proliferation of human colorectal cancer HCT-116 cells
CHEN Yanan, YANG Ru, XU Zhishan, WU Minna, LU Ping and ZHONG Genshen
Abstract  PDF
158Expression of lncRNA LINC01001 in breast cancer and its effect on proliferation of MCF-7 cells
MEI Hong, LI Changen, YANG Liang and GAO Yingfei
Abstract  PDF
163Screening and identification of long non- coding RNAs in metastatic laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
JIANG Xinxia, CHI Weiwei, CAO Huan, YANG Jianwang and WANG Baoshan
Abstract  PDF

[Clinical Research]
148Characteristics and clinical significance of osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes
PANG Yanbin, REN Jie, FAN Lixia, WANG Jing, ZHAO Songying, XUE Hua, HUA Luoming and DU Xin
Abstract  PDF
153Expression of plasma-cytoma variant translocation gene 1 in ovarian cancer and its malignant biologic behavior
LI Xiaozhen, REN Chenchen, LIU Ling and LIU Jiaxi
Abstract  PDF
170Expression and clinical significance of PD-1 /PD-L1 in gastric cancer tissues
ZHANG Fengbin, QIAO Jingxue, WANG Yingnan, ZHAO Fei, ZHANG Shaochen and ZHANG Ruixing
Abstract  PDF
177High expression of MICA/B prolongs disease-free survival in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer
LI Jingyan, LIU Guiju, MEI Jiazhuan, LI Ruijun and ZHAO Jizhi
Abstract  PDF

182The research progress of peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets on the treatmentresponse and prognosis of chronic myeloid leukemia in treatment of TKI
LIU Mengmeng and CUI Jiuwei
Abstract  PDF
187Immunomodulatory of Th17 cells and Treg cells in non-small cell lung cancer
WANG Xiaoqin and ZHANG Junping
Abstract  PDF
192Research status and application prospect of joint detection of female tumor markers
HE Weiming, WU Qingjin and HE Yuqing
Abstract  PDF
198Research progress of preparation strategy of oncolytic adenovirus for targeted cancer
SUN Ting and HE Xianglei
Abstract  PDF

206One case analysis of avastin combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of male primary peritoneal carcinoma and literature review
ZHAO Chengshuai and WANG Mei
Abstract  PDF

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