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  No.1 December 2019.

1Tumor immunotherapy: need more rational and more precise
CAO Xuetao
Abstract  PDF

3Towards precision medicine
LI Na, MA Lin and ZHAN Qimin
Abstract  PDF

[Expert Forum]
7Immunotherapy precise targeting tumour microenvironment will become a key strategy of curing cancer
LI Zhong, SUN Yan and QIAN Qijun
Abstract  PDF
16Clinical transformation of personalized neoantigen vaccine: opportunities and challenges
ZHOU Weijun and LI Yuhua
Abstract  PDF
22Application of gene variation detection technology in precision medicine of malignant cancers
ZHANG Leyin, SUN Leitao and SHEN Minhe
Abstract  PDF

[Basic Research]
29Ezrin enhancer knockout inhibits the proliferation and migration of human esophageal carcinoma Eca-109 cells
LEI Yue, YE Qingsong, WEI Jinqi, LI Wenna, MO Zhentao, ZHANG Qingfeng and GAO Shuying
Abstract  PDF
36Effect of tumor-associated macrophages on malignant biological behaviors of gastric cancer MGC-803 cells
ZHANG Shengrui, ZENG Xiandong, SUI Chunyang and ZHAO Lianhe
Abstract  PDF
42miR-424 modulates radio-sensitivity of breast cancer cells via targeting HMGA1
ZHANG Yunxia, XU Min, ZHANG Jian and ZHAO Yutian
Abstract  PDF

[Clinical Research]
50Distribution of CD103+CD8+T cell infiltration in colorectal cancer tissues and its clinical significance
LU Huimin, WANG Yan1, CHEN Lujun, JIANG Jingting and LU Binfeng
Abstract  PDF
58Expression of lncRNA SNHG16 in colorectal cancer tissues and cells and its regulationon expression of GPAM in colon cancer cells
ZHOU Yunsong, WEN Xiaohui, ZHANG Qi and KOU Wei
Abstract  PDF
67Effect of VEGFR 2 gene polymorphism V297I on clinical outcomes of advanced NSCLC patients treated with bevacizumab combining with chemotherapy as firstline treatment
SHAN Yan, LI Zhigang, JI Weiguo and MEI Jiazhuan
Abstract  PDF
73Expression of IQGAP1 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and its effect on malignant biologic behaviors of TE-2 cells
CHEN Yu, SONG Wei, CUI Facai, WANG Jiaqi and XIA Qingxin
Abstract  PDF
79miR-375 affects the proliferation and invasion of hepatoma cells via targeting YAP
ZHANG Xiaolu, DU Meihong, CHEN Hongyue, ZHANG Jiangang, WEI Guangya, ZHAO Lin and GUO Weisheng
Abstract  PDF
85Expression of microRNA-380-5p in cervical cancer tissues and cell lines and its inhibition on proliferation and migration of C33A cells by down-regulating RHOA
HAN Weizhen, JIANG Kun, YANG Changqun, YAN Lin, TANZhaoping and XIONG Guoping
Abstract  PDF
90LZTS2 inhibits proliferation, migration and EMT of breast cancer cells by modulating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway
ZHANG Hongrui, ZHANG Yan, LI Ning, LIU Peijie and XU Zhiqiao
Abstract  PDF

96Research progress on immunotherapy for breast cancer
ZENG Tanlun, LV Zheng and CUI Jiuwei
Abstract  PDF
103Application of immune checkpoint blockades in treatment of digestive malignant cancers
CHEN Longpei and ZHAN Xianbao
Abstract  PDF
109Molecular mechanism and biological significance of saRNA up-regulation E-cadherin expression in malignant cancers
HAO Jiatao, WANG Shuai and JIANGWei
Abstract  PDF
116Role of circRNA as biomarkers in the development and prognosis of colorectal cancer
XIAO Zhihao, XIAO Yao and LU Xiaodan
Abstract  PDF

121A case of severe pneumonia caused by cetuximab therapy for metastatic colon cancer and literature review
YANG Shenghui, WANG Lin, XING Xuehua, LI Xianglu, SUN Datong and QIU Chun
Abstract  PDF

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